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Hutchings Consulting and Services
provides independent case management services in 5 key areas:

Adult Mental Health

Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Disability Services

Assistance  with Health Insurance

Patient Advocacy 

Our help reaches every part of the community, from hospice care to adoption agencies, and in settings from hospital systems and social service agencies to prisons and schools.

Supported by a nationwide system of accredited training and reinforced with practice standards, credentials, and state licensing regulations, our goal is to blend education and experience with a strong code of ethics to help families and individuals cope with life’s challenges, overcome challenging physical circumstances, become self-supporting, and avoid institutional care when possible. Our firm has a long history of providing services to Philadelphia residents and agencies across a range of mental health and substance abuse direct services and case management.

All services are holistic, geographically accessible, culturally sensitive, and coordinated with related service systems. 

Hutchings Case Management
Consulting & Services, L.L.C.
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